We didn’t start thinking there would be a book – or for that matter, other RMM’s.

It started with a nearly empty theater, thinking one thing – “This film is going to fail in Peoria because no one knew it was coming.”  The film was “To Save a Life,” and within a few hours of the credits rolling that Saturday afternoon in February 2010, the Heart of Illinois Christian Movie Central was launched – with a logo, website, Facebook page, and email list.

We had sponsored “The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry” several months earlier, from director Rich Christiano.  We, learning a few things about Christian films, but far from being experts.  After launching HOI Christian Movie Central we had to wait about 6 months for another opportunity, which came with “What If…” in the fall, from director Dallas Jenkins.

It was the strong responses we got from Rich and Dallas that made us realize they saw value in our efforts, and in 2014 after several more films we wrote the booklet, Regional Movie Ministries: Kingdom Building through Networking, Faith, & Film.

A 2016 revision is underway, (with new subtitle: Can Christian Films Play in Your Town?) shooting with completion by July.

We’ve gotten very encouraging responses, and are even more excited about a couple conversations from the last couple months.

The book is short, with a quick recap of our experience, and a handful of ideas for getting started and other tools.  We’re still learning, and looking to learn along with all of you.

You can buy the current RMM book on Amazon, but we recommend holding off a couple months for the update.