REGIONAL MOVIE MINISTRIES exist to encourage efforts to grow the audience for Christian films – with a long-term approach of building a local network with each film playing in a given area.

With many film marketing pages you will read about getting your friends together to see a movie, or suggest buying 500 tickets on opening weekend. If you are overwhelmed with the thought of buying hundreds of tickets, but want to do more than a handful of friends, the RMM may be your calling.

Visit any Christian film’s website or Facebook page, and you’ll some version of the following two complaints:

  1.  The film is not playing near us!
  2.  Our theaters don’t want Christian films!

We understand the frustrations, but want to see people take the negative energy of complaining and turn it into the constructive effort of growing a network of Christian film supporters.  Start with your friends or neighbors, maybe your Sunday school class.  Then extend throughout your church, to the churches down the street, across town, and beyond.

Theaters aren’t against Christian films, they’re against empty seats, so once they see Christian films drawing crowds, they’ll be a great ally.


We like the descriptor “regional” because some RMM’s may cover a fairly large area and several communities to have a large enough population to support the effort.  Others may be a single city or even a suburb. Your geographic range is up to you -select an area you can cover successfully with the time and resources you have available, and don’t be afraid to adjust if needed.



An RMM may be an overwhelming idea to start out with, and we talked to people who wanted to know a recommended “First Step” to getting started.  That is exactly what a CMC is – a first step that we will help you get started, build an audience, and provide templates you can use to save time moving foward.

We are already putting together graphics for Peoria (Heart of Illinois), so we share that with you and the city, theaters, and CMC information can be easily changed and shared in a fraction of the time of starting new.

Our templates will go out over several months – some films may not be playing in your area, so skip them and only share what applies!

If you’d rather focus on the personal networking /face to face side of things but am unsure about the time or skills to maintain the online, we are willing to provide the online support as a monthly service, with all proceeds going towards future ministry development and growth at the national and local level, as well as planting new CMC’s as we move towards the goal of 500!


Email me at (for now) and share your thoughts and experiences, or  better yet start a conversation directly on our RMM Facebook page (and don’t forget to ‘like’ it)!

Longer term we may combine the RMM and CMC Facebook pages, but for now there is also a CMC national page, as well as for each local CMC (11 so far in 5 states).